Art Installation

Art Installations

Founded in 2013, Renwick has 10 years of experience performing art installations on behalf of galleries, collectors and institutions. Our Master Installer is available to consult on your project however the complexity.

custom art crating

Gallery, museum or residential installation

Our art handlers & installers are trained to be meticulous and pay close attention to details. They combine physical strength with dexterity so however large or small your piece it will be safely handled and displayed. Installers are familiar with most hanging surfaces and will provide hardware suitable to the task. We have experience with hanging art, installing sculptures and mounting installations. We can also create floor plans and other planning materials that can be helpful in putting together your next install.

Problem Solving & Documentation

We train our Art handlers to be able to quickly identify and solve problems that arise during transport or installation such as unexpected weather, difficult installations sites or challenging mediums. Throughout the process we follow the mantra Document, Document, Document using cameras and written records.

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