Fine Art Shipping & Storage FAQs

Construction Data/Building Location

What is the construction of the building? Is it fire resistive? Yes, concrete, steel and brick.

When was the building built? 1940

How old is the roof? The roof was replaced in 2009 and is inspected annually.

Is it a free standing building? Yes, the building stands on its own lot with 20-30 foot setbacks.

What type of neighborhood is the building located? Mixed used light manufacturing, accessory office, and residential.

Flood Hazard

Is the building located in a known flood or hazard area? No, the property is located in an area of minimal flooding, 7 miles inland and at an elevation of 115 feet above sea level. In addition, the first floor is approximately 4.5 feet above grade.

How is the humidity controlled

Renwick uses a system designed and installed by SmartFog. The systems maintains a 50% relative humidity +/-3% and is guaranteed non-wetting and not to condense on any surface.

Burglary Protection

Is there a certified central station burglary alarm system? Yes, UL-listed Honeywell V-Plex Fire & Burglary panel with off-site event monitoring.

Is there any additional burglary protection? Yes, electronic door control, video monitoring, motion detection and onsite perimeter security guards. Also the facility is window-free with reinforced doors and otherwise limited access points.

Fire Protection

Is there a certified central station fire detection system which includes smoke detectors? Yes, UL-listed Honeywell V-Plex Fire & Burglary panel with off-site fire/smoke monitoring.

Is there any additional fire protection?  Sprinklered system throughout; standpipes; heat detectors, fire rated doors and interior structure materials.

Emergency Procedures

Has the fire department visited the facility in order to develop a response plan? Yes

Is there a back-up generator?  A generator is scheduled to be installed. Please call for an update.

Is there a disaster mitigation plan? Yes, we own other warehouse facilities in the NYC area.

General Storage Conditions

Are there locked private storage vaults and/or open storage? Both. All areas are secure. Custom vaults also available.

What are the ceiling heights? 18’ on the first floor, 14’ on floors 2-5.

Are items crated and/or wrapped? Yes in all of open storage area; private vaults are left to customer discretion.

Are all items elevated at least 6” off the floor on shelves or palettes? Yes,

non off-gassing, nonreactive shelving available.

Light Exposure

Are there windows in the storage areas? No, the entire building is dedicated to controlled storage and is entirely window-free.

Are the storage areas kept dark when they are not occupied? Yes sensors detect occupancy and lights automatically turn off.

Are bulbs and fixtures installed a safe distance from the stored objects? Yes

Are fluorescent and tungsten lights covered by protective filters? Yes

Inventory Control

What type of inventory control does RenwickFAS have, electronic or paper? Both including off site backup.

Does RenwickFAS keep a log of times, dates, and people who access the private vaults? Yes

Does RenwickFAS give monthly status reports? Yes

Packing and Crating

Is there a separate packing and crating department? Yes

Do they museum quality storage crates? Yes

Transportation and Shipping

Does Renwick offer both international and domestic shipping? Yes

Does Renwick have their own trucks and/or vans for shipping? Yes both shuttle vans in the NYC area and longer haul box trucks.

Are the vehicles equipped with temperature control? Yes

Warehouse Management

Are the employees trained and qualified professionals? Yes

Is there an assigned warehouse manager? Yes

Do all of the employees undergo security and background checks? Yes

Warehouse Insurance

Does the warehouse have its own commercial insurance? Yes

Does this include professional liability? Yes

Does the warehouse provide insurance for its clients if asked? Yes

Storage area Lighting

What kind of lighting is in the storage areas of the Warehouse? All storage areas are equipped exclusively with LED (Light Emitting Diode) Lights. LEDs are the most efficient lighting available today and emitt zero Ultraviolet rays which can damage objects over time. Whatsmore, all LED lights are on motion activated sensors so that they are on only as needed.

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