Climate Controlled Art Storage

Renwick Fine Art Services provides affordable modern storage for fine art and other collections which require exacting standards for climate control, security, logistics and risk management. We provide this service to institutions, galleries and individual collectors and can accommodate a range of climate sensitive non-perishable items.

climate controlled art storage

Our Facility

Renwick owns and operates 140,000 square feet of warehouse space dedicated exclusively to collection storage. Clients can choose between temperature stabilized, temperature controlled and micro-climate controlled storage. Many collectors are primarily interested in maintaining strict humidity controls; we maintain all of our storage areas at a relative humidity of 50% +- 5%.

For more information on the different types of storage please see the FORMS section of the website.

High Efficiency Art Storage

Each floor is equipped with multiple high efficiency, ductless, HVAC units creating layers of redundancy to ensure temperature and humidity remain within a constant range. Both temperature and humidity levels are monitored on and off site and are integrated with the security system. Our facility is equipped with two separate and distinct utility services. Our mission is to ensure a secure facility and stable climate for the long term storage and preservation of our customers’ and our own collections.

High Efficiency Art Storage