Renwick Difference

This company was formed to meet the needs of a growing number of art collectors frustrated by the existing choices for high quality art storage and handling. As art collectors ourselves, we are dedicated to providing the safety, convenience and service necessary to manage a modern art collection. Ask yourself, does your current facility provide the following?

Crating for Fine Art

Latest security and fire protection

Engineered in 2010, all security and fire protections systems utilize modern technology designed to safeguard valuables including electronic door control, video monitoring, motion detection and onsite perimeter security guards during non-business hours.

Dedicated stand-alone facility

Our facility is dedicated to art storage and allows no other occupancy or other types of storage. Office use, household items, and other uses within storage areas risk the introduction of destructive agents. In addition, the facility is situated on its own property with ample setbacks and security fences.

Risk mitigation

Is your storage facility located in Manhattan or NYC?
How much concentrated risk do you have there? Do you own a residence or gallery containing irreplaceable artwork or other collectibles in addition to your storage space? Are you responsible for a museum collection or travelling exhibition? What is the threat posed by terrorism, blackout, flooding or other disaster? What is your disaster mitigation plan? Our facility is located 7 miles inland and at an elevation of 115 feet above sea level.

Storage tracking

Does your storage company help you focus on your bottom line? We track storage and handling costs by user-defined subcategories (such as artist, client, or event) to allow our customers to better allocate costs and recoup expenses.

Reasonable costs

Have your storage costs seemed exorbitant lately? Have you experienced excessive add-on costs? Are you tired of having to negotiate for the “best” rate? Our fees are moderate and straightforward with no hidden surprises.


Our company and facilities are managed onsite by owners. We provide our clients with personal numbers allowing customers to reach us any time to help solve art-handling logistics or other issues. Our company, facilities and equipment are entirely debt free and unlike many other art services companies in the New York area we are not beholden to investors or banks. Our one and only purpose is keeping client valuables safe and sound.

Renwick Furniture Storage

Let us earn your business


Clients of Renwick Fine Art Services will receive dedicated and professional service. If Renwick does not perform to your standards, inform us promptly and we will resolve the issue to your satisfaction even if it means reducing or refunding our fees.


James Giddings 

Founding Manager

James is a founding manager of RenwickFAS. He has developed and managed various real estate projects in the New York Area since 1988.  Jim created RenwickFAS to satisfy a family need for climate-controlled art storage and to accommodate frequent requests from customers and friends for the same. Jim stores his family’s contemporary art collection at Renwick’s Newark facilities. Jim is also a co-founder of the Renwick Companies, a developer and manager of commercial buildings, lofts and apartments in the South Bronx.

Joseph Pryor

Founding Manager

Joseph is a founding manager of RenwickFAS. He has developed and managed commercial real estate in Connecticut and New York since 1998. Prior to that he was a commercial real estate loan underwriter at Chase Bank.


Renwick Fine Art Storage Staff