Customer Service!

Quick and efficient customer support that is available by phone, email or text. Try our Instant Storage Quote feature.

Clear Pricing

Monthly charges based upon the ACTUAL measured dimensions of your items not by floor area or square feet. No more wondering if you have too little or too much storage space. Try our Instant Storage Quote feature.

SoHo Viewing Room

As a customer you can take advantage of our SoHo viewing room conveniently located at 38 Renwick Street. Perfect for private viewings or even an event. Get an Instant Storage Quote feature.

Storage Tracking

Does your storage company help you focus on your bottom line? We track storage and handling costs by user-defined subcategories (such as artist, client, or event) to allow our customers to better allocate costs and recoup expenses. Try our Instant Storage Quote feature.

Installation Services

Whether you are setting up your booth at an art fair or just hanging a new purchase in your apartment, our installers are pros and can help. Try our Instant Storage Quote feature.

Custom Crating

As a customer you can take advantage of our in-house crate shop. We make both museum-grade crates and one-time use crates. We also have quite a large selection of crates that can be refurbished. When possible recycle! Try our Instant Storage Quote feature.

Reasonable Costs

Have your storage costs seemed exorbitant lately? Have you experienced excessive add-on costs? Are you tired of having to negotiate for the best rate? Our fees are moderate and straightforward with no hidden surprises. Try our Instant Storage Quote feature.

Daily Shuttle

As a customer you can take advantage of our daily NYC art shuttle which is $95 for most items. Try our Instant Storage Quote feature.

Risk Mitigation

Is your current storage facility located in New York City? How much concentrated risk do you have there? Do you own a residence or gallery containing irreplaceable artwork or other collectibles in addition to your storage space? Are you responsible for a museum collection or traveling exhibition? What is the threat posed by terrorism, blackout, a category 4 or 5 hurricane, flooding or other disaster? What is your disaster mitigation plan? Our facility is located 7 miles inland and 115 feet above sea level. We suffered ZERO damage or flooding during Hurricane Sandy and we never lost power.

Dedicated Standalone Facility

Our facility is dedicated to collection storage only; we allow no other occupancy or types of storage. Office use, household items, or perishables within storage facilities risk the introduction of destructive agents. In addition, our facility is situated on its own property, with no adjacent buildings and ample setbacks and security fences. Try our Instant Storage Quote feature.


Our company and facilities are managed onsite by owner-managers. We provide clients with personal numbers so that customers can reach us at any time with urgent issues. Unlike most art services companies in the New York area, our company, facilities and equipment are entirely debt free. Consequently, we are not beholden to investors, banks or landlords; we can guarantee decades of stable uninterrupted storage and service; and our one and only mission is keeping client valuables safe and sound.

Latest Security & Fire Protection

Engineered in 2010, all security and fire protections systems use modern technology designed to safeguard valuables. Features include: electronic door control, 24 hour video recording and backup, motion detection and onsite perimeter security guards. Try our Instant Storage Quote feature.

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