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Renwick Fine Arts Storage Services


Renwick Fine Art Services provides affordable modern storage for fine art and other collections which require exacting standards for climate control, security, logistics and risk management. We provide this service to institutions, galleries and individual collectors and can accommodate a range of climate sensitive non-perishable items.

Renwick owns and operates 140,000 square feet of warehouse space dedicated exclusively to collection storage. Clients can choose between temperature stabilized, temperature controlled and micro-climate controlled storage. Many collectors are primarily interested in maintaining strict humidity controls; we maintain all of our storage areas at a relative humidity of 50% +- 5%. (For further information on the different types of storage please see the Download section of the website.

Each floor is equipped with multiple high efficiency, ductless, hvac units creating layers of redundancy to ensure temperature and humidity remain within a constant range. Both temperature and humidity levels are monitored on and off site and are integrated with the security system. Our facility is equiped with two separate and distinct utility services; and if both utility services should fail, a natural gas fired electrical generator is ready as an emergency backup. Our mission is to ensure a secure facility and stable climate for the long term storage and preservation of our customers’ and our own collections.

See Schedule of Services for a list of fees and services.


RenwickFAS offers local, national and international transportation services designed to satisfy most client needs. In addition to Sprinter vans and city box trucks, Renwick owns and operates two 48′ air ride, climate controlled trailers for dedicated exhibition use and art fair transport. Please call 718-665-2400 or email for more information.

Shuttle Service: Renwick provides a daily shuttle back and forth between our Newark facility and NYC. At a cost of $95 for the 1st standard item and $45 per additional item we can pickup and deliver items between your storage account and your primary residence or address. Shuttle service rates are reserved exclusively for Renwick storage account customers. Certain restrictions apply in terms of eligible address, size/weight,  and time restraints so please inquire for more details. However our customers find this feature very convenient for their everyday needs

Art Fair: Our 48′ air ride, climate controlled trailers will travel to most major art fairs in the continental US.

Local or Worldwide Delivery: Other locations anywhere in the world can be arranged.

Client Directed: We are always willing to work with qualified handlers, craters or shippers of your choice.


RenwickFAS constructs quality crates which provide safe transport. Although the main goal is the protection of contents, our staff will consult with clients to suggest alternate economic crating solutions to fit your requirements.

Custom crating is one of our specialties. A 3,000 square foot professionally equipped carpenters’ shop and a group of expert craters with more than seventy years of collective experience are exclusively dedicated to our crating department. Utilizing the latest and most appropriate materials for wrapping and fabricating, our crates provide maximum protection.

Multi-use museum travel crates are designed to the specifications of each object to assure safe travel to multiple venues. These crates feature built-in frameworks, padding and hardware as well as custom cribbing, carriages, supports, and cushioning where needed. Crates can be packed using archival materials, water proofing, and fitted with custom interiors, such as slotted, tray packed, or drawers.

All crates are custom built, from simple to the most complex, and are painstakingly designed and constructed to assure maximum protection, safe handling and transport of their contents.

*Crate Pick Up & Recycling Service*
Why take up valuable exhibition or office space with empty wooden crates? Renwick FAS will pick up empty crates free of charge. We repair, retrofit and reuse crates or grind them into wood chips for reuse as garden, particle board or heating products.

Let us handle your fine art. Call us: 718-665-2400