Benefits of using
Renwick's Crating services

Custom Art Crating

Custom art crating is one of our specialties. A 3,000 square foot professionally equipped carpenters’ shop and a group of expert craters with more than seventy years of collective experience are exclusively dedicated to our crating department.

On-site Crate Shop .Renwick Fine Art Services boasts an on-site crate shop

Many options available: Tip-N-Tells, Shockwatch, Silica Humidity Control and/or GPS Trackers

4 Grades Available: Museum, Standard, One-time Use & Recycled

All crates carry internationally certified export stamps ISPM-15 (Bug Stamp)

Custom Built Art Crates

All crates are custom built, from simple to the most complex, and are painstakingly designed and constructed to assure maximum protection, safe handling and transport of their contents

Individually constructed by hand to your specs

Waterproofing ,measures, ensuring an extra layer of protection against environmental hazards

Custom Cribbing, Carriages, Supports, Handles and Cushioning

Built-in Frameworks, Padding & Hardware

How to properly
order a crate

Understand and provide the ultimate purpose of the crate

For exports, obtain crate maker proof of ISPM-15 certifiation for crate export (aka "Bug Stamp")

Determine and provide the location of where the crate is to be packed prior to transport (onsite or offsite)

Are crates to be shipped by air, sea container and/or truck?

What additional crate features are needed (Tip-N-Tells, Shockwatch, Silica Humidity Control and/or GPS Trackers)

Provide a list of items to be crated with their dimensions. How many crates are you estimating will be required?

the Consequences of Not Choosing
our Services

Improper Internal Framing and Padding

Lack of Proper ISPM Documentation

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