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Discover Renwick's Storage

Temp & humidity control (70F/50%)

Straightforward volume pricing

Fully secure & alarmed

No surprise charges or extra fees

Full service & insured company

Daily NYC Art Shuttle

Online-inventory/Customer Portal

Debt-free, stand-alone facility

How to open a Renwick
storage account

If you know the estimated sizes of your items you can use are instant quote:

Discuss your inventory with a storage specialist by filling out the attached form or
calling us at 718-665-2400 x3

Request a free on-site visit by one of our art handling experts. We will measure everything and provide you an estimate to the penny.

If you can schedule your pickup when we already have a truck in your area, you may be eligible for a free or discounted cost pickup.

Choose Renwick storage
and avoid these problems

Many of our competitors are known for excessive costs and add-on charges

Some are even located in flood zones!

Take a tour of the facility and ask questions!

Ask to see a facility report and a sample Certificate of Insurance


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