Discover Renwick's insurance

Renwick can provide insurance pricing at the time of your quote

Renwick can insure items during transport, storage, and other specific events and periods

Renwick (and those opting for coverage) are insured by Lloyds of London under its special packers & shippers underwriting

Ideal for renters and others without existing art coverage. Be aware that owners' umbrella policies generally do not cover art.

Things to consider when requesting
insurance coverage from a shipper or art transport company

Ideally, an insurance quote should be obtained at the time of the initial quote

In some cases conditions reports must be performed prior to transport or pickup

Ensure accurate valuatons for items. Declared values should not exceed their value.

Certain items such as clocks, porcelain, glass, china, marble, watches, jewelry, liquids may cost more to insure

Choose Renwick Insurance
and avoid these problems

Unrated or financially weak insurers or reinsurers

Lack of proper declared value documentation.

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